My 7 inch Sylvania Android Tablet

My what?  I said what?  I've been a loyal iPad user since day 1 and I've now got an Android tablet?  Wait and just hear me out.  I love my iPad.  It's great.  I take it everywhere.  But when IT guys at work started letting us get our work email on our iOS devices, I decided to go for it.  It messes up my iPhone and I'm not about to let their stuff on my iPad. So what do I do? Clearly I needed a "spare" device.  How much should I spend on said device?  $200? $100?  Try $65 including shipping.  

And let me assure you it is awful.  It has a resistive touchscreen and the cpu is busy doing something else on almost every keystroke.  But it was only sixty five bucks.  For that much I thought it was worth a try.  

The OS is Android 2.1.  I know, old.  The app store that comes with it appears to be focused on gimpware.  I immediately downloaded the Amazon app store and my first app was Kindle reader.  Nice.  Well, the as nice as a resistive touchscreen can be kind of nice.  The device only has 4 gig of storage but it has a micro SD slot so I'll have to dig around for that 8 GB micro SD I had lying around from one of my old dumb phones, or was it my Blackberry?  Once I pop that puppy in there, I'll have a 7 inch tablet with 12 gig of storage for 1/7 what an iPad costs. It's amazing how Apple drives competitors into the dirt (price wise at least).  It reminds me of all those $49 mp3 players I see in the stores collecting dust while they can't keep $200+ iPod Touches in stock.

Unboxing was pretty pathetic. It was in a 6 inch by 8 inch by 12 inch cardboard box with a flip open cover.  90 percent of the volume was taken up by a "blister pak" plastic carrier.  When you flip open the cover, you see the tablet with a preprinted set of icons on a peel off home screen mock-up.  Under the tablet is a usb cable, cheap white headphones and a charging adapter.  No you can't charge it on micro usb. You have to use the plug that came with it.  Bummer.  

So I'm off to read the last few pages of Speaker for the Dead. I let my iPad get down to 10% battery today so it's getting a much needed rest. I guess there will be nore more sitting for weeks ignoring charge now that I'm using it as the reader I always intended it to be.  And the screen on the Sylvania will do "good enough" until my iPad gets charged back up.  At some point I'll put my work email on my Android tablet and take off that rotten profile that screws up my iPhone. 

In terms of annoyances, there are two big ones.  It already crashed once. It has poor battery life.  It has a horrible touchscreen and it powers on slowly.  When it does finally power up, the wifi is always off which wastes more precious seconds.  I can understand why these things are selling for $65.  In the end, I expect this thing to be my alternate Kindle and possible work email fetcher and that's about it.