Tea Party Movement More Attractive to Bigots?

The liberal media has been drawing a connection between the Tea Party movement and bigotry for some time, but now the University of Washington has announced the results of a survey that support this conclusion.  It's too bad because I wish there was a credible inclusive conservative option so people with conservative values wouldn't feel they had to run into the arms of kooks in order to be listened to.

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“Are we in a post-racial society? Our survey indicates a resounding no,” Parker says.

Conducted by telephone from Feb. 8 to March 15, the survey reached 494 whites, 380 blacks, 
77 Latinos and 64 members of other races. The sampling error margin is plus or minus 3.1 
percentage points.

Of course, for me the fact that they feel they need to report the race of the persons surveyed tends to convince me we are a long way from a post racial society.