This is it! The House votes on #hcr this weekend. Tell your Rep to vote "yes"! 202-224-3121

Yes, this post title is a tweet...
This is it! The House votes on #hcr this weekend. Call your Rep, tell them to vote "yes"! 202-224-3121
Driving by Beaumont Hospital the other day, I saw about a dozen tea partiers out there protesting health care.  I wonder how many of them were millionaires because those are the only ones that will be able to afford a stay in that very hospital if hcr gets defeated!  I haven't seen people out protesting for hcr so I decided to get more involved via those methods I'm able: email, twitter and my web page.  
Here is an email I sent out earlier today to encourage people to support health care reform...
I have a friend I've known over half my life who doesn't have health care.  Her name is Denise.  She lives a couple miles from us and we often offer her a ride to church.  In the winter months, she walks about a mile to work at a nursing home and often falls because of a foot disorder that could be corrected surgically, if only she had insurance.  She is one of many people I know who have either no insurance or inadequate insurance.  The health insurance at my employer has a whopping $3100 deductible and when I retire, I'll either get to purchase cobra for more than a mortgage payment every month or perhaps if we convince our legislators to stop being distracted by politics, I'll have a less expensive option when the time comes.    Normally, I don't send out mass emails but I'm forwarding the following email to encourage my friends and family to get involved to pass health care reform. Also, in addition to calling, you can email your representatives...
I'm writing to you today about something that's really important to me—passing health care reform.
I know it seems like health care's been in the news forever, but here's the thing: The big vote in Congress is this weekend! They're voting on a bill that'll end discrimination for pre-existing conditions, expand coverage to 30 million people, and help make health care affordable for a lot of low- and middle-income families.
Incredibly exciting—but also scary, because the House doesn't yet have the votes to win. They're just a few short.
So I wanted to ask you: Will you call your member of Congress today and tell them to vote "yes" on health care reform this weekend?
One vote could literally make the difference, so I hope you will. And tell your other friends to call, too!
Here's the number: (202) 224-3121. Just ask for your representative's office (if you don't know who it is, you can find out here:
Thanks a bunch.
Jeff Kendall