My Reaction to Ipad

I'd like to share my reaction to Steve Job's new tablet.  People are making fun of it with tampon commercials.  People are ripping it because it doesn't support flash.  People are ripping it because it's still on AT&T.  They aren't happy about the internal memory, lack of removable storage and lack of usb host or video out.   Many of these rants are valid if you're talking about a general purpose computer.  Of course the AT&T rant is just plain valid.  Apple is making record profits sticking with AT&T but that doesn't help those of us who prefer another carrier.

The iPad promises a device which weighs 1.5 pounds, is 1/2 inch thick and feels like a notepad in your hand.  Yet it sports a 1024x768 screen, unlike my Acer Aspire One which sports a mere 1024x600.  Those extra 168 pixels along the bottom are essential.  That's where all the dim-witted form designers put the OK buttons. 

Will I buy one on "day one".  I don't know.  I picked up a Mac Mini on day one and it eventually drove all the Windoze out of our household.  I think I can wait for the iPad.  I might opt for the model with the 3G radio, especially if I can "pay per view" rather than being stuck with an ongoing $15 a month whether I need it or not.  I'm sitting in front of my Macbook right now, down in the basement office. If I had an iPad, I might just as well be on the couch or at the kitchen table with a bluetooth keyboard. 

I own quite a few Kindle books.  I don't own a Kindle.  I have Kindle for PC, Kindle for iPhone and I eagerly await Kindle for OS X.  I might opt to use Apple's bookstore or I might opt to stick with Kindle.  I will know more the next time I'm looking for a title.  It will largely depend on price.   If buying it on Kindle means I get to read it on my iTouch, iPad, Macbook and PC at the office while buying it from Apple ties it strictly to the iPad, I'll more likely go with Amazon even if it costs a little more.  I already use Amazon for most of my music. I'd rather have mp3 than deal with apple's music file formats which are only playable on iThings.

 The bottom like is that while I will not be camping out at the Apple store to pick one of these up, I will eventually get one to replace my trusty Ubuntu powered Acer Aspire One.

Ok, on to the funnies...

Then there's the Hitler video...

All this joking aside, I really should link to Apple's Ipad Announcement.