Top 50 Navigation Innovations of All Time (A little more iPad love)

Flight Magazine has published a list of the top 50 navigation inventions of all time.  Number one is GPS. Duh. But I was surprised to see my favorite computer so high on the list.  iPad came in at number 13, beating out dozens of other navigation inventions on Flight Magazine's list.

Here is an excerpt...


One of the greatest story lines of the march of navigation progress has been the democratization of safety technology with increasingly cheaper, more powerful and more widely available safety utilities. Nowhere has this progress been as visible as with the Apple iPad...
The list is pretty complete and includes radio navigation aids like VOR and ILS along with visual methods like pilotage, landing lights and even bonfires.  Still, I'm impressed that the iPad showed up so high on the list.

One of the things I like best about my iPad mini is the ability to carry around a whole library worth of books (in either iBooks or Kindle) and I'm sure this is a big part of why the iPad is so useful to a pilot as it is capable of carrying around dozens of binders' worth of aeronautical charts.

I'm still surprised that Apple is so stubborn about bringing iBooks to OSX, Linux and Windows because the inability to continue my reading across all platforms keeps me buying my content from Amazon instead of iTunes. I love my iPad but I'd prefer not to have my content locked to a particular platform. In researching for this story, I downloaded the Jeppesen catalog.  I guess I wouldn't mind being platform-locked if I needed something as expensive as Jeppesen charts. But wait.  They offer flight deck pro for both iOS and Android. Still, one mustn't forget that if it weren't for iPad there wouldn't be such a thing as an Android tablet.