A cordless and seamless transition from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5

Chrome just crashed and took this entire article to davy jone's locker so I'm typing it again.  Darn.

Anyway I ordered an iPhone 5 a few weeks back and watched with interest while it worked its way from China through Anchorage, AK, Louisville, KY through customs and to my local UPS store for pickup.  I got it this afternoon and wanted to get the thing set up right away.  Sorry. No unboxing photos, but there are already dozens if not thousands up already.  My phone came almost fully charged and not scratched one bit.

Then I turned it on to find it was almost fully charged.  I logged in to iCloud and hit "restore."  I should pause here to talk about my chat with AppleCare last night...


I called AppleCare yesterday evening to go over the upgrade process.  In the old days. I mean the really old days of Palm before NVFS, I could do a brain transplant to a new device in a matter of minutes.  So I asked the guy whether I had to use the cable and deal with iTunes or if everything would "just come back".  He said the apps wouldn't come back.  He made it sound like I'd get to spend countless hours in the app store trying to remember whether this purchased item or that purchased item was recently on my phone or something I'd already deleted. Not to mention dragging everything around to recreate all the folders I had on my old phone.  He put me on hold a second to go find out that... yes indeed. I could simply restore and absolutely everything (but music) would come back.  Fine. That's what I wanted to hear....

So when I hit "restore" the phone said it would take 10 minutes.  I had picked the faster of my 2 wifi networks.  The phone lied a little. It really took 10 minutes to get to the reboot which in turn took about another 10 minutes.  But at the end of 20 minutes, I had a phone that had all my icons on it but no apps.  Now would start the download process.  With several hundred apps on my phone, I knew this was not the sort of thing I should wait around for so I left the phone on the charger and went to my evening meetings.  

I returned home to find everything just as it had been on my old phone, only there was an empty row ready to receive new icons along the botttom of each screen. Yay!  This is about as trouble free as it gets.  Good job, Apple.