Enabling Ftpd In OS X Lion

Sometimes I just don't know what Apple is thinking.  There are millions (thousands? well hundreds anyway!) of customers out here who have "scan to ftp" enabled all in one printers.  Apple quietly removed all the GUI support for ftpd from OS X Lion which means when I hit "scan" I got "could not connect".  I installed Lion weeks ago so you know I don't scan that often.  

I've created an app to do this here.

This is version 0.3.2 of the app. For other versions, visit www.troncept.com/lion-ftpd-enable. There is one app to enable FTPD and or disable it. Simply run the app and pick enable, then scan your document to ftp.You can then run the app again if you would rather not leave FTPD running.  A timed dialog pops up to let you know ftpd was enabled or disabled and you don't have to click for it to go away.   Version 0.3.2 is now tested under OS X 10.7 and 10.7.1 and is known to work.

More info on the app here.

But if you want to do it by hand, Here are the steps I used to enable ftpd:

1 - Open a Terminal window

2 - In the Terminal window, try ftp to localhost, like this: ftp localhost

3 - You will get the following error when connecting to OS X Lion:


ftp: Can't connect to `': Connection refused

Trying fe80::1%lo0...

ftp: Can't connect to `fe80::1%lo0': Connection refused

ftp: Can't connect to `localhost'

ftp> quit

 4 - type quit

 5 - type the following:

sudo /usr/libexec/ftpd -D

6 - You will be asked for your password for the command to work. Of course you must be logged in as an admin account for this to work.

7 - Test again and ftp should be working

8 - when you are done scanning, type the following to shut ftpd back off again

sudo killall ftpd

If you want to leave ftpd running, go ahead but I'd rather shut it down when not using it.  Apple was right from a security standpoint to shut this thing down and the handwriting is on the wall that they might take more action in the future to further cripple ftpd.  When some future release of OS X comes out we might wind up downloading a third party ftp deamon like the shareware Crushftp ($40).

I found another tutorial on getting this working here but I already had my documents scanned.  I'm linking to it in case you want to try something that has a better chance of starting automatically when you reboot your machine.


Ahhhh, you genius!

I was struggling for days with this.

You're a star! THanks!!!!


I use a wireless device fro my Nikon that is based on FTP. Apple is pretty arrogant to assume we don't need this protocol. every OS release they seem to uncheck it and hide, but this is the best one yet! (shakes head in disbelief)

You're scripts will save the day thanks alot!

You're welcome!

Glad I could help! I wonder if Apple expects us to all run out and buy "scan to email" devices to replace those "scan to ftp" devices which would otherwise have years of use left in them?