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Tiger Woods to play golf with Trump

CNN - 6 hours 6 min ago
Donald Trump's list of illustrious golf partners just keeps getting bigger.

The Neediest Cases Fund: From Afar, He Confessed His Love. Via an App, He Attended His Wedding.

NY Times - 6 hours 10 min ago
When his dream of moving to New York came true, he realized he was leaving his dream woman behind in Sudan. The couple talk regularly, but “even four times a day is not enough.”

What To Do With Your Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

In an interview earlier this week, Deb Perelman — the food blogger behind Smitten Kitchen — suggested frying leftover Thanksgiving stuffing in a waffle iron. We had no choice but to try it out for ourselves.

Why 'Star Wars Battlefront II' Is Creating Such A Big Debate In The Gaming World

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

Star Wars Battlefront II has created a massive debate within the world of gaming about in-game purchases, and now officials in Belgium and a representative from Hawaii are likening its in-game economy to gambling. NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks to Allegra Frank of the video game news site Polygon about the game's controversial "loot-crate" system.

Listeners Share The Music They're Grateful For

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

On Thursday, NPR's Ari Shapiro shared his annual Thanksgiving musical chain of gratitude. We had so many listeners reach out with their own musical thanks, that we decided to share a few of them on the air.

German Government Trying To Bring Back Children Who Ended Up With ISIS

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

The German Foreign Ministry is trying to negotiate the return of German children who ended up with ISIS through no fault of their own. Some of the children were taken to Iraq and Syria by their German parents, while others were born there.

Iraqi Authorities Trying To Deal With A Complicated Legacy Of ISIS Fighters

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

Many foreign ISIS families are in the process of being moved to Baghdad as Iraq works to persuade countries like Russia and Turkey, to take back foreign wives and children of ISIS fighters.

How People Are Grappling With Art From 'Monstrous Men'

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

After filmmakers, actors, or musicians are accused of sexual assault or other misdeeds, how should we think about their work? NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with author Claire Dederer, who considers the question in an essay for The Paris Review: "What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?"

Pope Francis To Visit Myanmar And Bangladesh Amid Rohingya Crisis

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

Pope Francis is wading into the controversial Rohingya crisis with his upcoming trip to Myanmar and Bangladesh. Among those he will visit is Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been heavily criticized for not denouncing Myanmar's military crackdown on the Muslim minority.

Has The Black Friday Madness Been Tamed?

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

NPR's Sonari Glinton has been out observing the state of retail sales in Los Angeles on Black Friday. He tells NPR's Elise Hu what he's discovered in the huge after Thanksgiving sales.

Deadly Attack In Egypt Leaves At Least 235 Dead

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

At least 235 people were killed in Egypt today as the country experienced its deadliest terror attack ever. A Sufi mosque in the Sinai Peninsula was bombed during Friday prayers — and attackers sprayed worshippers with gunfire. NPR's Elise Hu speaks with AFP's Samer Al-Atrush about the aftermath.

Emmerson Mnangagwa Sworn In As Zimbabwe's New Leader

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

After 37 years of governance under President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe has a new leader. Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in today amid celebration and hopes that he can repair the country's depressed economy.

Will Michael Flynn Start Cooperating With Special Counsel Investigation?

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with David Brooks of The New York Times and Kimberly Atkins, chief Washington reporter and columnist for the Boston Herald, about Michael Flynn, sexual harassment allegations in Congress and tax legislation.

Flynn's Lawyers Will No Longer Share Information With Trump Legal Team

NPR All Things Considered - 6 hours 21 min ago

Lawyers for Michael Flynn, President Trump's former national security adviser, will no longer discuss the special counsel's investigation with the president's legal team. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Susan Hennessey of Lawfare about what this means for the Mueller investigation.

Ivanka Trump caught in White House-Tillerson tensions

CNN - 6 hours 27 min ago
Days ahead of what should be a major moment for Ivanka Trump on the world stage, CNN has learned Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn't sending a high-level delegation to support her amid reports of tensions between Tillerson and the White House.

Italy, Bracing for Electoral Season of Fake News, Demands Facebook’s Help

NY Times - 6 hours 29 min ago
As a crucial election nears, leaders like Matteo Renzi are on high alert for fake news and foreign meddling.

Federal judge strikes down Texas abortion ban

CNN - 6 hours 30 min ago
A federal judge has struck down Texas' ban on a common second-trimester abortion procedure.

Is congressman victim of 'revenge porn'?

CNN - 6 hours 30 min ago
After a sexually explicit photo of Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton surfaced this week on an anonymous Twitter account, the congressman -- one of the most senior members of the House of Representatives -- is raising the possibility that he's the victim of "revenge porn," a criminal act in Texas.
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