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Would the House pass Graham-Cassidy? It's not a slam dunk.

Washington Post - 16 min 58 sec ago
Together, 21 GOP lawmakers from California and New York voted for the American Health Care Act in May, and a threshold question for considering Graham-Cassidy's prospects is to wonder how many of them will be willing to vote to blow a hole in their state's health care budget.

New push to replace Obamacare reflects high stakes for Republicans

Washington Post - 16 min 58 sec ago
If they fail again, Senate Republicans will look even weaker. If they succeed, they will own legislation that would slash health-care spending and cover fewer people than the last bill.

Senate passes defense bill, leaving several controversial policies unresolved

Washington Post - 16 min 58 sec ago
The bill does not address Trump’s proposed ban on transgender troops or North Korea sanctions, as some lawmakers had hoped.

Live briefing: Trump Threatens to ‘Totally Destroy’ North Korea

NY Times - 21 min 46 sec ago
The 193-member United Nations is gathering for the 72nd session of the General Assembly. Here are the highlights.

'I will always put America first,' Trump tells UN

CNN - 36 min 22 sec ago
President Donald Trump warned Tuesday that the US would "totally destroy North Korea" if forced to defend itself or its allies.

Trump: Iran nuclear deal is an embarrassment

CNN - 36 min 45 sec ago
President Donald Trump calls Iran nuclear deal an embarrassment to the US.

Review: iPhone 8 cuts cord and preps for future

CNN - 42 min 7 sec ago
Apple has put its new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in a tight spot.

Dating while living with an STD

CNN - 46 min 57 sec ago

Trump cites 'great progress' on North Korea after call with Chinese president

Washington Post - 46 min 59 sec ago
President Trump said he had a productive phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping about North Korea on Sept. 18.

Trump: You should put your nations first, too

CNN - 50 min 32 sec ago
President Donald Trump claims he will always put America first while addressing the UN general assembly.

BlackBerry KEYone now available to order online in QWERTY, QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard layouts!

CrackBerry - 51 min 32 sec ago

Customers in Europe looking to get their hands on a BlackBerry KEYone can now order the device online directly in their choice of QWERTY, QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard layouts and charger variants.

As the BlackBerry KEYone continues to be released into new markets, the folks at BlackBerry Mobile have now officially opened up their online shop for Europe. Customers looking to get their hands on a BlackBerry KEYone can now order the device online directly in their choice of QWERTY, QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard layouts and charger variants.

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Rob Reiner: Russia has attacked US

CNN - 52 min 56 sec ago
Film director Rob Reiner and Atlantic senior editor David Frum have launched a committee that focuses on bringing attention to Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

5 dubious claims Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi made in her speech

CNN - 56 min 12 sec ago
Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi gave a much-anticipated address Tuesday on the ongoing crisis following the exodus of than 400,000 minority Rohingya Muslims from the country.

Public Health: One Reason to Take the Latest Obamacare Repeal Seriously, and Three Reasons It Could Fail

NY Times - 56 min 50 sec ago
The political and procedural hurdles are many, but the hunger for victory among Republicans may overcome all.

Tim Cook Calls Today's Launch of iOS 11 and ARKit 'A Day To Remember'

MacRumors - 57 min 59 sec ago
Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on Good Morning America earlier today to discuss topics surrounding iOS 11, taking place a few hours ahead of the software update's launch later this afternoon. One of the major topics of the conversation Cook had with Robin Roberts centered upon augmented reality and ARKit, which will introduce advanced AR features onto compatible iPhones and iPads.

As he has in the past, Cook talked excitedly about augmented reality, explaining that the AR features of iOS 11 are a "huge" addition to the iPhone and iPad ecosystem and will be "unbelievable" for users.

"Well this is huge because it's the first time that hundreds of millions of customers will be able to use AR for the first time. So we're bringing it to mainstream, if you've got an iPhone 6s or later, you have augmented reality today." Roberts then pointed out that AR has been around for a long time before Apple began to work on the technology, and Cook responded by explaining that the company is "taking the complex and making it simple," with the help of the ARKit developer framework.

Cook capped off the discussion of iOS 11 and ARKit by calling today "a day to remember."
"This is what Apple is so fantastic at. We want everybody to be able to use AR, and so we've taken the complexity that developers would normally have to do in their apps, and made it simple for them to convert all of their apps to an AR experience. And the thing that is very different about Apple is that, in one day, we can make AR available for hundreds of millions of people. That will happen in a few hours from now.
The interview then shifted to the iPhone X and facial recognition, where Cook reiterated that user privacy and security are not an issue with the upcoming smartphone. "Once you place your face in the phone, it's in the phone, and Apple doesn't have it," he explained, further pointing out that only those you allow access to your iPhone will be able to get the data.
"We're very protective of our customers' data. We believe that privacy is very important in this world, there are hackers everywhere trying to steal your information. We want it to be yours, it is not ours." In response to a viewer question, Cook said the cost of the iPhone X is a "value price" for the technology inside of the smartphone. He also said that "very few people" will actually pay the full price of the iPhone at launch, thanks to monthly payment plans that various carriers and Apple itself offers.

Other topics include Cook's response to the potential end of the DACA program, as well as different user questions surrounding Face ID. You can watch the full nine-minute interview on Good Morning America's Facebook page right here.

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The US has done well since Election Day, Trump says

CNN - 1 hour 2 min ago
President Donald Trump delivers first speech to UN General Assembly.

Donald Trump, Hurricane Maria, Sean Spicer: Your Tuesday Briefing

NY Times - 1 hour 5 min ago
Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

New York Today: New York Today: Hurricane Jose Approaches

NY Times - 1 hour 8 min ago
Tuesday: Tracking the storm, the Big City Book Club, and President Trump at the U.N.

Trump lawyer to deny Russia collusion

CNN - 1 hour 9 min ago
President Donald Trump's personal attorney and longtime associate, Michael Cohen, will vigorously deny participating in any collusion with the Russians to help Trump get elected in testimony before the Senate intelligence committee Tuesday, according to a copy of his opening statement obtained by CNN.
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